What are basic call center representative duties and responsibilities?

The call center agent is someone who takes the inbound calls and makes outbound calls to the customers. The call center agent is the first point of interaction between a customer and a company. The main job of the agent is to address the concerns of customers, listen to them carefully, and provide the best possible solution to make a customer a satisfied customer.

The role of a call center representative is to ensure a customer have the necessary assistance and information that they require to portray the image of the company positively.  Here in this blog, we will discuss some of the important duties and responsibilities of a call center agent.

Call center representative duties and responsibilities

  • The inbound call center agent’s main responsibility is to answering the calls of the customer to address complaints, issues, and queries.
  • The outbound call center agent’s main duty is to make calls to the customers to learn about issues, make sales and provide the customers with necessary information regarding the company’s product/service.
  • The call center agent’s task is to receive and process orders, track orders and process the payments on behalf of a company. That includes cross-selling and upselling.
  • Answering effectively and efficiently to callers, providing feasible solutions and ensuring that client feel valued and supported.
  • Listening to callers in detail, show empathy to customers and providing accurate information promptly to defuse angry customers.
  • Call center agent duties and responsibilities include build a trustworthy and credible relationships with clients/customers.
  • Using databases, software, scripts and all necessary tools to improve customer service.
  • Make calls to clients/customers to inform them about new policies, products and services of the company.
  • Meet the target set by the managers to increase profitability.
  • Build a cordial relationship with other team members to improve the overall performance of the team.

Call center representative skills

The basic skills a call center agent must possess to succeed in the call center industry are listed below:

  • Good communication skills
  • Speed and efficiency
  • In-depth knowledge of company profile
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Capable to handle a large number of calls
  • Must be a great listener

These are some of the top skills that a call center agent must have to pursue a successful career in the call center industry.

Call center representative job description

Outright is looking to add call center representatives to their sales team. The call center representative job description is to act as a liaison between company and existing and potential new customers. The main aim of the call center agent is to address the needs and requirements of the customers/clients.

What does a call center representative do?

A call center representative job description is to handle a large number of inbound and outbound calls. They make or receive calls from the customer, listen to their problem and queries and provide them with the best possible solution. They act as the first contact point between a customer and a company.

What are the duties of a call center?

The duties of a call center agent is to handle a large volume of calls to and from customers. Their job is to provide necessary information about products/services, company policies and additionally cross-selling and upselling. They are considered as the company’s virtual face.

What does an inbound call center representative do?

The inbound call center agent receives calls from customers. In the call center, they address the needs and requirements of customers and provide the best possible solutions to satisfy the customer.

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