How to hire call center agents?

Hiring a great call center agent can be beneficial for any business as they are the main focal point between the company and the customers. Customer service comes first for any business. Whether it is for product information, technical support, order process, and billing process- quality customer service counts. Call center agents perform all these functions either inbound or outbound call center service.

Hiring criteria for call center should be strict as there shall be no loopholes in the hiring process. Call centers always try to hire the right candidate for customer service. The Call center agent selection process needs to be scrutinized to get the right candidate for the post of customer sales representative. Hiring an incorrect candidate can be painful for any business.

How to recruit call center agents?

To provide exceptional customer service and attain strong business relations with clients, each company needs to recruit the right candidate for the post of call center agent. The agents are responsible for making a client a loyal one.

The management of the call center looking for the candidate for a call center agent position that will increase the productivity of the business. Furthermore, they look for candidates that are eager to work in a fast-paced work environment and ready to work night shifts.  

How to hire call center agents is a major concern for the hiring manager for a call center. When they receive the resume of an agent, they have a process that the candidate has to pass before joining a call center.

  • The channel used by the human resource department for the selection of a customer sales representative includes:

The screening process of a candidate at Outright

The candidate for the position of call center agent has to undergo a screening process before being appointed to a call center.

HR Department:  the human resource department will check the resume of a candidate, analyze the work experience, and verify the credentials before inviting him for an interview.

Skill test: the candidate has to pass the skill test designed by the team. It may include written tests as well as group discussions to analyze communication skills. Verbal communication is given more attention to judge a candidate.  The pronunciation, confidence, and clarity of speech is key to pass the skill test.

Induction: when the candidate is finalized, they will be introduced to the team and has been provided with the following information;

·         Introduction of outright

·         Orientation about BPO

·         Code of conduct

·         In-depth company details

·         Job formalities

·         Perks and benefits

·         Training process

The selection process for a call center agent is arguably major task for HR department. If a candidate has above stated qualities and skillset, don’t hesitate to hire him on immediate basis. 

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