Call Center Jobs in Islamabad in 2023

A call center is a place where a large number of calls are handled by agents. These agents are known as customer sales representatives as they deal with existing and potential new customers.  Both incoming and outgoing calls are handled by these agents. The question arises of what these agents do when they are on the phone. The main task of these agents is to offer the following services:

    1. Handle customer queries
    2. Providing customer support
    3. Do marketing survey
    4. Doing telemarketing service

A telemarketing executive is a person who generally works in a call center. The main goal of a telemarketing executive is to supervise telesales agents and direct the agents to operate in a professional manner. Companies are generally looking to add telemarketing executives to supervise their customer sales representatives. They are required to consign shifts, delegate work, and set goals for the telesales team.

To be successful as a telemarketing executive, one needs to understand the importance of fostering a cooperative environment without any distractions. This will ensure high-quality and consistent work by the telesales agents.

Many top call centers offer exceptional outbound and inbound customer service in Islamabad. Here we will discuss some of the top names offering call center jobs in Islamabad.

Outright Pakistan

Outright is a leading name in the call center industry in Islamabad. They are providing exceptional customer services to both existing and potential new clients. They have a team of result-driven telesales agents that drive superb results for the organization. The management and trainer in this regard are very cooperative and invest in different training programs to polish the soft skills of the telemarketing team.

Outright has announced multiple call center jobs in Islamabad and, currently they are hiring customer sales representatives for their head office in Islamabad. They are offering marketing competitive salaries plus extravagant commissions for mature leads. If you are an experience call center agent or looking to take a fresh start in the call center industry, this is the right opportunity for you to apply now.

Touchstone BPO Islamabad

Touchstone is another great name in the call center industry. They are currently hiring for the position of customer support representative in Islamabad. If you are seeking a challenging role, apply today.

Ufone Call Center

Ufone is a leading name in cellular service provider in Pakistan, they have announced vacancies in call center jobs in Islamabad so what are you waiting for apply now.

Ibex Pakistan

Ibex is another strong name that provides customer support service. They are looking to add a customer support executive to their telesales team in Islamabad. If you are looking for customer call center jobs, you should apply today at ibex.

Zong Call Center

Zong is one of the leading cellular networks in Pakistan. Currently, they are looking to add senior executive customer experience to their Islamabad office. If you have skills and relevant experience, join Zong today.

Call Box BPO

Call box Bpo encourages people to apply for call center jobs online on their website. At the moment they have job opening for a global sales executive at their Islamabad office. You are encouraged to apply.

Jsons communication

Jsons communication is providing quality customer support service to clients over the years. The job openings are announced at their Islamabad office for the post of customer sales representative. Send your resume today.

Telestream BPO

If you are looking for a customer support job, Telestream BPO is looking to add to its team. Visit their website and apply today for the customer support position.

Vertex Communication

Vertex communication is providing superb telemarketing services to clients across the globe. They are hiring for the position of telesales agent at their office. If you are looking for the best call center jobs, apply here to get the process started.


What are inbound call center jobs?

The inbound call center is a call center where an existing customer of the company makes calls to agents and asks for solutions to queries. The agents in this call center setup provide exceptional customer support to the customers. It may include troubleshooting, problem solution, or any query related to the current product or service.

Are call center jobs hard?

Frankly speaking, working in a call center is not as difficult as it is perceived. All you need is to have good English communication skills and can operate the computer. However, the timing of the call center job makes it hard for people to work as it is operated mostly on the night shift.

Are call center jobs stressful?

Call center jobs are difficult because of unusual working hours. The main aim of this job is to provide customer services to current and new clients of the company.

What is meant by call center jobs?

A call center is a place where a lot of phone calls are answered by agents. The agents are known as customer support agents. The main aim of these agents is to provide quality support to the customers.

What do we have to do in call center jobs?

The main responsibility of a customer sales representative in a call center is to answer the phone calls of customers. All they need to do is to provide exceptional telemarketing services and customer support to the client base.

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