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Best Call Centers in Islamabad

As a customer, everyone contacts different companies to buy a product, make a bill payment, and ask for assistance /troubleshooting or resolving a problem. With a shift in shopping patterns, the importance of customer service is greater than ever. Efficient and friendly call centers mark a spectacular impact on the mind of customers. There are many call centers in Islamabad providing excellent customer service. Here we will discuss some of the top names in the call center industry in Islamabad.


Outright Pakistan, is one of the leading names in call centers in Islamabad. Outright, providing top-notch customer service to clients and customers. What makes outright the best name in the call center industry is its diverse work environment.  Outright is providing both inbound and outbound customer service which makes it a unique name in this industry. The main aim of outright Pakistan is to gain customer trust and customer loyalty and provide services that make a difference.

Outright is famous for providing opportunities to youth as it is a key part of their vision. Additionally, they emphasize hiring women as they consider women a key element of their success over the years. They have a team of professionals in each department, joining outright guarantee success and growth in your career.  To grow and excel in the call center industry, join outright Pakistan today.

Ufone Call Center

Pakistan telecommunication is formally known as Ufone. It provides customer care service 24/7 throughout the year. You can join Ufone as a customer care agent, they offer a very attractive salary to the agents. For anything related to your cellular service, you can always count on Ufone customer care service.

Touchstone BPO

Touchstone Bpo is an exemplary name in the list of call centers in Islamabad. With over 20 years of operational experience in Islamabad, it has become a brand in the call center industry. The BPO build and offer a valued database that helps clients to improve their customer service.  With over 500 employees and concrete career growth, it is a name that you can trust.


Ibex is another top name in the call center in Islamabad. Providing quality customer services to clients and having a great workplace environment. Not only limited to Islamabad, but Ibex has branches all over Pakistan. With a diverse work environment and career growth in the call center industry, it is one of the top names agents love to join.

The call center industry is a rewarding industry for those who have the right attitude and work ethic. The chances of career growth are immense. With good communication and perfect work ethic, you can succeed as a call center agent in this industry.

Call Box Bpo

Callbox bpo is another top name when it comes to the call center industry in Islamabad. Callbox bpo is one of the best call centers in Islamabad providing excellent services. The services include business-to-business, business-to-customer and data entry services.

Atlantis BPO solutions limited

Atlantis BPO solutions offer detailed, thorough and customer-centric service and are one of the top BPO in Islamabad. They provide clients with the best solution in the customer service department to enhance overall profitability.  If you want to pursue your career as a call center agent, it is one of the highest paying call centers in Islamabad.

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What are the best skills for call center agent?

Call center agents are considered as the remote face of any organization. Working in a call center is not an easy task. Call center agents should have a proper skill set to succeed in customer service. The responsibility of a call center agent is much more than problem-solving. Maintaining a balance between organizational goals and customer needs is one of the important tasks an agent has to do. Hiring a skillful call center agent is as significant as selecting the right software for the call center. An agent is responsible to interact with the customer directly. The manager needs to do a proper screening of a candidate for this role as it will make or break the image of a company. Hiring managers are looking for the best skills for call center agent to mark a lasting impression on clients. Call center agents’ main responsibility is to win over the customer and satisfy them so they can do business with the company repeatedly. Here we illustrate some of the top skills that a call center agent must possess to succeed in customer service.

Effective Communication Abilities

Effective and great communication skills are compulsory but are worthy skills that a call center agent has. The main job of an agent is to communicate with customers, so communication skills should be commendable. When talking about communication, it doesn’t mean talking to a customer in English language.

Effective communication means listening to the queries carefully, providing necessary information, and offering an effective solution to the customer’s problem. A competent call center agent makes the customer service experience much better and makes him a happy customer.

Complete understanding of the company profile

In-depth knowledge of the company’s profile is mandatory for a call center agent. A call center agent needs to have a great memory. Whenever a customer demands specific information regarding the company’s products/services, the agent should answer it quickly. In a call center, the agents need to answer instantly without hesitation. Callers want answers in quick time as they don’t like to wait, so complete information on the company’s profile should be at their fingertips.

Patience and Empathy

Patience is one of the best skills for call center agent to possess, the job of a call center agent is monotonous. They have to deal with customers calling with the same complaints every day. Occasionally they might face an angry customer, the ability to listen to an angry customer with patience is a key responsibility of an agent.

The agent who works with an upset customer and listens carefully and provides them with a suitable solution will mark a lasting impression on the customer. A proper screening test should be conducted by the hiring manager with mock-up calls to analyze this skill before the appointment.

Capable to handle pressure

The call center agent must be skillful enough to handle the work pressure. In call centers, there is a large number of calls that an agent has to handle each day. The routine task makes this job hectic at times. A perfect candidate for this job must handle the pressure of calls and answer the clients in a timely and courteous manner.

Problem-solving skills

The call center agents are provided with a script and most companies across the globe is following this procedure. All these scripts mainly focus on common issues and problems faced by customers. However, in some cases, the problems are beyond these scripts and agents hold the calls of customers. This will mark a negative impact on customers, so a call center agent must be flexible and must have problem-solving skills to preserve the interest of the company.

Organizational skills

Organizational skills are important for call center agents, these skills are not limited to the management of an organization. A call center is a busy and fast pace workplace where agents have to deal with a large number of calls. An organized call center representative can do multiple tasks like updating CRM, checking the information base, and taking important notes during the calls to address customer needs. These organizational skills help to reduce errors and ensure working is done effectively and efficiently.

Team Player

The technological advancement made it possible for agents to work for the company from any remote location. However, working as a team with call center software brings the best out of these agents. Call center agents need to work as a team player and nurture relationships and offer support to other team members when required.

These are the hard skills of a call center agent that make a meaningful impact on any company’s success. A rude and unprofessional call center agent will do a lot of harm to the reputation of a company. The above-stated qualities are inherited in any candidate but once you select an agent for your call center, you need to provide them substantial training to make them moreover effective and efficient for your business.

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Types of call center services: Everything you need to know

A call center is a business place where customer support is being provided to businesses or sole customers. A call center is a facility is designed to operate and handle large number of calls (inbound and outbound) to and from existing and potential customers. Some of the call centers are located within the organization but some companies opt to outsource it to other who are specialize in handling the calls.

There is difference in call center services as they are categorized in two type. There is difference between a call center and a contact center, many people assume it as same. A call center is a specially designed place where CSR are connected via phone calls to customers. However, the contact center provide services to customers via email, chats and applications.

Significance of call centers

Customer always want their issues to be addressed quickly and effectively. This is why they have high hopes on call center customer services. In call centers, the customer representatives are available for support and services whenever a customer calls, they provide efficient assistance to those who might need the services most. Call center services are significantly important for any business as they act as interaction point between product/service and the customers.

Types of call center services

Typically there are two types of call center services: inbound and outbound. There is another one known as blended call center. Inbound call center services receive calls from customers, while outbound call center services make calls to customers. Here’s a more detailed look at the difference between inbound and outbound call center services.

  • Inbound Call Center Services

Inbound call center services are responsible for handling customer service inquiries, such as product questions, billing inquiries, and technical support issues. Inbound call center services are operational during business hours and answer the customer queries in real-time.

  • Outbound Call Center Services

In outbound call center services, the agents makes calls to the customers for the purpose of marketing and sales. Outbound calls are made to promote any new product or service provided by company or if there is any discount on the existing products. In outbound call centers, auto dialer is used to make calls as there is need to handle large number of calls in short time.

Both inbound and outbound call center services play an important role in businesses and organizations. Inbound call center services provide customer support, while outbound call centers focus on sales and marketing efforts. When deciding which type of call center service is right for your business, consider your needs and budget. However these call center further classified in to subcategories:

  • In house call center     
  • Off shore call center
  • Outsource call center
  • Virtual call center

Teams and Structure

There are different roles assign to people working in a call center. It includes sales executive, team lead, sales managers and IT associates.

  • Agents: also known as CSR (customer sales representative) are considered as a connecting point between customers and organizations. They connect and talk to the customers directly on behalf of organization. They are assign with a role to handle inbound and outbound calls.
  • Team leads: the role of team lead is to manage small group of agents, this split is to ensure easy management of agents. These team leads assist agents to solve issues, deescalate conversion and answer their questions of agents or customers. Moreover their duty is to enhance the overall performance of agents.
  • Sales Manager: the role of sales manager is to direct the team leads and make sure that overall operation of call center runs smoothly. They also set standards and ensure that agents meet the overall quality expectation demand by the customers.
  • Quality Assurance: QA is a practice that guarantee products/services meet exact requirement. The Quality assurance team observer and evaluate the calls of agents in call centers so that calls meet the overall quality standards.
  • IT Associates: the IT professional plays a crucial part ensure that the technology and tools used in a call center is up to date and it runs smoothly in a call center.

Technology used in call centers

Technology plays an important role in success of every business. Same is the case with call center industry. However in call center, the agents needs a computer and headset plus a quality internet service so that they can make and receive calls easily. Some software used in call centers are listed below:

  • Call monitoring software
  • Call management software
  • Speech analytics
  • CRM software
  • Outbound dialers
  • IVR software
  • Chatbot
  • Workforce management tool

Call centers offer tremendous learning opportunities since they are a microcosm of the entire organization. You will get to know everything in one place, including teamwork, politics, and enormous quantities of technology, people management, and operational management. It is right time to kick start your career at a call center.

Hiring your next call center agent, it is not always going to be an easy task. If you hire a right candidate, it will help you build a great sales team but hiring the wrong candidate would cause organization to lose a lot of money.

7 Myths about call center

Common Myths About Call Centers And Refuting Them With Facts

A call center is a physical workplace where large number of calls (inbound and outbound) are answered by agents. The
call center agents are specially trained agents that can handle various kind of customer calls and queries. Throughout the world, companies do have in-house call centers to contact the customers and offer their products/services. In this digital world, technological advancement has changed the way call center conduct the business. And, same is the case with customers, with change in technology there is also change in customer behavior. There is a lot of misconception about call center industry in the mind of people, here in this blog, we will talk about the myths and facts about call center industry.

1.      Phone has become obsolete

There is myth that no one uses phone for customer services. It is wrong in every sense as phone is still considered as one of the top ways to contact customers. People loves to talk to agents in real time. The older generation still like to be contacted via phone calls for issue resolution. The youth with technological advancement likes to connect via chatbots and social media but still phone calls is here to stay for sure. With complex technical issues/problems, 60% for the customers would like to resolve the issue via calls.

2.      Robots will replace call center agents

People are afraid that with latest automation and technological advancement, robots will replace the call center agents. Yes, there is technological development in every industry, but human interaction remains top priority for customer services. Human to human interaction develop trust and helps in problem solving. Artificial intelligence
seems to replace humans in years to come in customer services but due to
emotional level and resolving complex customer services, this will not happen
in next few decades.

3.      Call center representative don’t care about customers

There is a misconception among people that call center agents don’t care about the issues of customers. Due to some bad experiences, you can’t form an opinion that agents don’t care. Reality is always different than perception, call center agents are highly trained and skillful towards problem solving. They always try to come up with a solution to
make a customer happy. 

4.      Setting up call center is too expensive

Setting up an in-house call center is too expensive. They don’t have to be that much expensive, with technological advancement, most of the call centers are cloud based and it reduce a lot of operational cost. This helps in making things easier for the agents in routine task and enhance the overall productivity. Call center agents generates tremendous revenue for the company and yes, they are the reason for customer retention and getting new customers.

5.      Call centers are not secure

There is an impression among people that call centers bring a lot of security concerns. There is credit card and personal information involved in customer services. So, breach of security or data leakage is main concern for customers. In brick and mortar concept, breach of data security can be an issue for the customers but not in case of call centers. However, it is important to know that, call centers are highly secured place as the data is encrypted by highly train IT professionals. Credit
cards, passwords and personal information is encrypted as it can’t be access internally
by agents.

6.      Remote call centers are unproductive

According to old school of thoughts, remote call centers are unproductive as agents don’t perform their duties up to the mark. As per this mentality people have to come to office to perform their job. However, remote call centers are connected via cloud based software that enable agents to work from remote locations without effecting their efficiency.  Remote call centers however are cost effective as you don’t have to spend fortune on infrastructure.

7.      Call center agent job is not a rewarding job

There is misconception among masses that call center industry don’t offer career growth. Moreover people don’t regard it as a permanent job. It is important to know that, candidate with high energy level, motivation, professional attitude and right experience can excel in call center. They can become team lead with time and ultimately become sales managers if they have right skill-set. Moreover, you can earn handsome remuneration plus commission if you achieve your weekly and monthly targets.

To conclude we can say that all these above stated assumptions are based on outdated experience. All top and mid-level companies are focusing on customer service. Customer retention is always important for every company and call centers help in solving the problems of existing and new customers.  If you like reading our blogs, share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


5 Most Asked Question About Call Center

5 Most asked questions about call centers 

With the latest technology and innovative ways of communication, the call center industry is offering top-notch customer service. The call center industry is developing in order to meet the demands of customers. Whether you are a fresh graduate or a woman looking to secure your first job, call center industry is ideal and worth exploring. If you are looking for something challenging and different, the call center industry is a perfect fit for you.

People perceive agents as constantly working and calling customers. In reality, call centers are one of the best places to be at. Additionally, call center provides the perfect platform for youth to kick-start their career. 

For candidates, looking to make an impression, call center industry is an ideal career choice for them. Here in this blog, we will discover some of the questions regarding call centers that a hiring manager may ask a job seeker. Here you will get to know about questions other than personal attributes.

1- What do you know about a call center?

If you are applying for the first time in a call center, the interviewers will ask this question to access the knowledge you have about the call center.  Answer the question by telling the idea you have about the call center industry. Moreover, highlight the qualities of a call center agent that help him to succeed in customer service.

When you are applying for the post of call center agent, make sure you do proper research about the company you are applying in. what sort of service they are providing. Either they are an inbound call center or an outbound call center. This is mark a positive impact on the hiring manager.

2- What is your idea of customer service?

The hiring manager will ask the candidate about idea of customer service.  The question would be like what do you know about customer service and how would do deliver best customer service?

The answer of this question is, the job of a call center agent is to provide quality customer service to customers. The agent must answer all the queries and resolve the problems of a customer. However, a happy and satisfied customer leaves a positive impression of customer service.

3- How would you treat an angry customer?

This is one of the most important questions that is being asked by the hiring manager. The answer to this question will show the ability and mindset of a call center agent. The answer to this question is tricky but simple.


You should tell the hiring manager that, you will listen to the complaint of the customer in detail. Try to stay calm and composed as there is nothing personal. Show sympathy towards him and resolve his problem as soon as possible. 

4- How can you build customer loyalty?

This is another important question that needs to be addressed smartly. In order to form customer loyalty, take feedback from your customers. Determine how many customers are new and how many of your customers are existing one.  Try to focus on the new customer to make them your permanent customer by providing top-notch service.

5- Why should we hire you?

This is a chance for you to showcase your skills and talent. Try to convince the hiring manager why you are a perfect fit for this job. What qualities do you have and how you can bring credibility and profitability to organization.  You can also highlight your personal traits, qualification, and previous job experience to impress the hiring manager.

People assume call centers are not a perfect place for women but we have seen a lot of women succeeding at call centers and earning fortunes.  It is a perfect platform for women as it provides them a secure work environment without getting victim-shamed. Moreover, women’s presence in call centers makes the work environment more competitive than ever.

There is no pressure to dress formally at call centers and agents feel more comfortable and valued. This comfortable work environment brings much more productivity out of agents. The call center is one of the best places to learn new skills. Moreover, call center job offers perfect opportunities for fresh graduates to learn new skills and kick-start their careers.  With the right attitude, self-motivation, and professional approach, call centers provide career growth opportunities to employees.

5 Ways to have a better workday

5 Ways to Have a Better Workday

If you are like most people, you probably don’t always love your job. But there are some ways to make your workday more manageable and even enjoyable. Here are five tips:
Start your day with positive thinking. It’s hard to feel positive when you are stressed about work, but try to focus on the good things about your job or the positive aspects of your career. This can help you approach your work with a more positive attitude.

    1. Take on one task at a time. Trying to do a lot of things at once is like inviting a disaster. When you are feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and focus on one thing at a time. You will get it done quicker and with less stress.
    2. Don’t be afraid to take a break. It’s important to stay focused when you are working, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a few minutes here and there to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Go for a walk, just take a few minutes break from your desk or get some fresh air. You will come back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever task is at hand.
    3. In any work environment, it is important to listen first and then answer respectfully to your team members. This shows that you value their input and want to work together to find the best solution. If you just blurt out an answer without listening first, you risk portraying yourself as an arrogant person. By taking a few moments to truly listen to what others are saying, you can build better relationships and work more effectively as a team. 
    4. Set achievable goals. Trying to accomplish too much in one day is setting yourself up for a failure. Make a list of things you need to do and choose the most important tasks to focus on. Once you have accomplished those, you can move on to the others.