Best Call Centers in Islamabad

As a customer, everyone contacts different companies to buy a product, make a bill payment, and ask for assistance /troubleshooting or resolving a problem. With a shift in shopping patterns, the importance of customer service is greater than ever. Efficient and friendly call centers mark a spectacular impact on the mind of customers. There are many call centers in Islamabad providing excellent customer service. Here we will discuss some of the top names in the call center industry in Islamabad.


Outright Pakistan, is one of the leading names in call centers in Islamabad. Outright, providing top-notch customer service to clients and customers. What makes outright the best name in the call center industry is its diverse work environment.  Outright is providing both inbound and outbound customer service which makes it a unique name in this industry. The main aim of outright Pakistan is to gain customer trust and customer loyalty and provide services that make a difference.

Outright is famous for providing opportunities to youth as it is a key part of their vision. Additionally, they emphasize hiring women as they consider women a key element of their success over the years. They have a team of professionals in each department, joining outright guarantee success and growth in your career.  To grow and excel in the call center industry, join outright Pakistan today.

Ufone Call Center

Pakistan telecommunication is formally known as Ufone. It provides customer care service 24/7 throughout the year. You can join Ufone as a customer care agent, they offer a very attractive salary to the agents. For anything related to your cellular service, you can always count on Ufone customer care service.

Touchstone BPO

Touchstone Bpo is an exemplary name in the list of call centers in Islamabad. With over 20 years of operational experience in Islamabad, it has become a brand in the call center industry. The BPO build and offer a valued database that helps clients to improve their customer service.  With over 500 employees and concrete career growth, it is a name that you can trust.


Ibex is another top name in the call center in Islamabad. Providing quality customer services to clients and having a great workplace environment. Not only limited to Islamabad, but Ibex has branches all over Pakistan. With a diverse work environment and career growth in the call center industry, it is one of the top names agents love to join.

The call center industry is a rewarding industry for those who have the right attitude and work ethic. The chances of career growth are immense. With good communication and perfect work ethic, you can succeed as a call center agent in this industry.

Call Box Bpo

Callbox bpo is another top name when it comes to the call center industry in Islamabad. Callbox bpo is one of the best call centers in Islamabad providing excellent services. The services include business-to-business, business-to-customer and data entry services.

Atlantis BPO solutions limited

Atlantis BPO solutions offer detailed, thorough and customer-centric service and are one of the top BPO in Islamabad. They provide clients with the best solution in the customer service department to enhance overall profitability.  If you want to pursue your career as a call center agent, it is one of the highest paying call centers in Islamabad.

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