Common Myths About Call Centers And Refuting Them With Facts

A call center is a physical workplace where large number of calls (inbound and outbound) are answered by agents. The
call center agents are specially trained agents that can handle various kind of customer calls and queries. Throughout the world, companies do have in-house call centers to contact the customers and offer their products/services. In this digital world, technological advancement has changed the way call center conduct the business. And, same is the case with customers, with change in technology there is also change in customer behavior. There is a lot of misconception about call center industry in the mind of people, here in this blog, we will talk about the myths and facts about call center industry.

1.      Phone has become obsolete

There is myth that no one uses phone for customer services. It is wrong in every sense as phone is still considered as one of the top ways to contact customers. People loves to talk to agents in real time. The older generation still like to be contacted via phone calls for issue resolution. The youth with technological advancement likes to connect via chatbots and social media but still phone calls is here to stay for sure. With complex technical issues/problems, 60% for the customers would like to resolve the issue via calls.

2.      Robots will replace call center agents

People are afraid that with latest automation and technological advancement, robots will replace the call center agents. Yes, there is technological development in every industry, but human interaction remains top priority for customer services. Human to human interaction develop trust and helps in problem solving. Artificial intelligence
seems to replace humans in years to come in customer services but due to
emotional level and resolving complex customer services, this will not happen
in next few decades.

3.      Call center representative don’t care about customers

There is a misconception among people that call center agents don’t care about the issues of customers. Due to some bad experiences, you can’t form an opinion that agents don’t care. Reality is always different than perception, call center agents are highly trained and skillful towards problem solving. They always try to come up with a solution to
make a customer happy. 

4.      Setting up call center is too expensive

Setting up an in-house call center is too expensive. They don’t have to be that much expensive, with technological advancement, most of the call centers are cloud based and it reduce a lot of operational cost. This helps in making things easier for the agents in routine task and enhance the overall productivity. Call center agents generates tremendous revenue for the company and yes, they are the reason for customer retention and getting new customers.

5.      Call centers are not secure

There is an impression among people that call centers bring a lot of security concerns. There is credit card and personal information involved in customer services. So, breach of security or data leakage is main concern for customers. In brick and mortar concept, breach of data security can be an issue for the customers but not in case of call centers. However, it is important to know that, call centers are highly secured place as the data is encrypted by highly train IT professionals. Credit
cards, passwords and personal information is encrypted as it can’t be access internally
by agents.

6.      Remote call centers are unproductive

According to old school of thoughts, remote call centers are unproductive as agents don’t perform their duties up to the mark. As per this mentality people have to come to office to perform their job. However, remote call centers are connected via cloud based software that enable agents to work from remote locations without effecting their efficiency.  Remote call centers however are cost effective as you don’t have to spend fortune on infrastructure.

7.      Call center agent job is not a rewarding job

There is misconception among masses that call center industry don’t offer career growth. Moreover people don’t regard it as a permanent job. It is important to know that, candidate with high energy level, motivation, professional attitude and right experience can excel in call center. They can become team lead with time and ultimately become sales managers if they have right skill-set. Moreover, you can earn handsome remuneration plus commission if you achieve your weekly and monthly targets.

To conclude we can say that all these above stated assumptions are based on outdated experience. All top and mid-level companies are focusing on customer service. Customer retention is always important for every company and call centers help in solving the problems of existing and new customers.  If you like reading our blogs, share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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